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Game Tap is an online video game service, by Turner Broadcasting Systems
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Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Game Tap is an online video game service, by Turner Broadcasting Systems, launched in 2005, that provides its subscribers access to all kinds of video games, from classic arcade games to the newest PC hits.
It is the perfect software for all gamers, since you can play the games in its original format, right in the Game Tap window.
There are approximately 150 free games available, and more than 900 for those paying a subscription fee.
To start playing the available games, you have to download the GameTap player, the client developed by Turner, that will serve as a gateway to this huge collection of games, all arranged in categories like genre, platform, free or gold. Among the categories included you have, from online games to Arcade, Shooter, Action, Strategy and a lot more. With Game Tap you can play, for example, the classic Defenders, a 1980 game, in its original version, and also the latest action or war games for console, using only GameTap. It means that you do not need to download an extra application or emulator to run old games.
Once you choose your favourite game, you can download it. Newest games are over 200 MB while older games are usually less than 100 KB. If you want to use the free service, you will have to see a small video ad while the file is downloading. Or, if you want to get rid of ads, you can subscribe and pay a fee and and in this way have access to the complete collection. In addition, GameTap supports game play using with your keyboard, mouse and UBS joystick.
GameTap player, apart from being intuitive and easy to access, has an amazing interface, with state-of-the-art graphics and sounds. It is a good service, highly recommended for gamers of all ages.

Review summary


  • Great interface
  • Easy to install and use
  • all game formats supported


  • limited access for free users
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